When will we be human again? 

Hi. I was abused today, verbally. I was called a whore. Not because of what I wore or anything I did. No, I am not going to give you the details. Or maybe I should. 

A colleague of mine who rides to work with me everyday. My supposed friend. A male. On one of the hottest days of the Indian summer while my cab did not have the facility of an AC , I requested my ‘friend’ to hurry up as sitting in a tiny cab was like awaiting satan to say next while I broiled under the excruciating humidity , heat and dust combined. 

Instead of maybe apologising he saw it fit to tell me it was my duty to wait for him. (Being a woman ). 

That is when i lost it. How dare a man say that to me. How dare anyone think a woman’s duty is to fall in line behind the whims or wishes of a man ! I then proceeded to tell him I will have that discussed at work and was then insulted again. 

Such a psycho bitch

To this is casually replied with maybe you should call your mother that. 

That was it. After that i was a whore. A whore who everyone knew was a whore. When I dared him to call me a whore again he raised his hand ….. To strike. 

My cab driver only then reacted and asked him to be quiet. But that was all. I sobbed for 30 minutes straight. All the way to work.

I was not the strong independent woman I knew. I became the little girl whose tiny heart broke to pieces. The little girl who cried herself to sleep. The little girl who was abused. 

Do not mistake me, I am no longer just crying for me. I am crying for the billions of females scattered in the world. I am crying that no one told these boys it’s wrong to call a girl a whore. No one told them not to hit a gal. Or maybe they all were told. 

But no one listened. 

I am crying. I am breaking. Because no one reacted. No one ever reacts. I wish I had another woman in that cab.